5 Life-Saving Tips to Prevent your Dog from Getting Lost in India

Our pets are an integral part of our lives. We love our dogs, feed them healthy dog food, and care for them in the best way possible. It becomes impossible to even imagine without their presence. Unfortunately, there are various incidents when our furry companions run out of the homes and get lost. Dognapping is also a prevalent issue in India with many purebreds being kidnapped for illegal breeding and trafficking. No matter how vigilant you stay, there may still be a chance of your dog getting away. However, the good news is that a few tips can help you save your dog from getting himself in trouble, here is how:

Microchip your Pooch

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is easier now to prevent your dog from getting lost. A microchip is a device implanted between the dog’s shoulder blades. It has useful information such as who is the dog’s primary veterinarian, the owner’s contact details, etc. Various shelters and veterinarians have scanners to read the microchip to track the owner. Even if your dog manages to get away and someone else tries to claim him, you can legally prove that the dog is yours.

Spay or Neuter

When dogs aren’t neutered or spayed, they are more likely to wander off. It is particularly common in male dogs as they run out to seek a female. Neutered dogs are calmer and are less likely to have such behavioral issues, so you wouldn’t have to stress about them running off.

Prevent Dog from Getting Lost

Keep Your Dog in a Secure Area

Don’t leave your dog unsupervised in an open area outside the house as this is dangerous. Secure your yard with a fence that is tall enough to prevent your pet from jumping outside and can protect kidnappers from getting inside. Even if your dog isn’t able to jump over the fence he might dig through it, you can prevent this by using rocks or lining with chicken wire. Keep the gates locked at all times and don’t put up signs that indicate there is a dog inside the house.

Training Can Help

Teaching your dog basic commands such as “Stay” and “Come back” is essential. You can also consider enrolling in an obedience training class if there is one available in your area. It will also help you learn pet care and safety instructions that will enable you to protect your dog. A dog that is trained will stop and return to your command instead of running away. Since our canines are curious creatures, they are likely to take off when they spot an interesting object so if your dog knows the commands; he will stop and will be at a lesser risk of getting lost.

Put Your Dog on a Leash when Outside

No matter how well-trained your dog is, you can’t prevent him entirely from sneaking away. The best way to keep your furry companion safe is to put him on a leash when you step out. Get a comfortable harness that provides you control over your dog while walking him in the park or when you two head out for any activity. Many lost dogs are pets that were too bored and decided to escape, so it is crucial to keep your dog secure at all times even in the car using a crate or a seatbelt harness.


Jenny Perkins is an Animal Behavior Specialist and a passionate writer. She loves to write about the nutrition, health, and care of dogs. She aims at providing tips to dog owners that can help them become better pet parents. She writes for the blog Here Pup.


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