Pitbulls are an impressive breed of dog – lovely but famous for the wrong reasons. Their history of use in dog fighting and the media focus on some horrific incidents have made them a subject to regulations. Are pitbull dogs banned in India?

The answer is No, there is no such ban on any specific kind of breed of dogs. As such, there is no restriction on keeping pitbull dogs in India as a pet.

Pitbull Price in India.

The price range of Pitbull starts from Rs, 10,000 and goes straight up to Rs. 90,000. The price is highly dependent on the pedigree and parentage of the breed. Pure breeds have a much higher price. Gender also plays a significant role, male dogs are much more expensive as compared to their female counterparts. It is of utmost importance to purchase dogs from reputed and certified breeders. 

Considering the adoption of a dog? It’s always wise to be aware of the lineage and the parents of the particular puppy, its dietary requirements along with the famous reliable food brands. Getting the puppy’s health certificate verified is also something that shouldn’t be missed.

But what is a pitbull?

The pit bull is a generic term used by the public to describe all the dogs having same traits and features. The pitbull-type includes American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Pit mixes.

What are the specific characteristics of a Pitbull dog?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Pitbull is often publicised to be a very dangerous breed because of its history of being used in dogfighting. Their jaw strength is extremely high and any aggression often results in a serious injury. Several incidents have been registered in the UK and US for pitbull attacks, hence they are banned in twelve countries.

Pit bull dog

Being a powerful dog, it requires adequate endeavors and training to handle it. A first-time owner cannot handle the responsibility of a pit bull dog as they are very powerful. Its aggressive nature can cause harm to owners or other animals.

They are not recommended for first-time owners. These dogs require special diet like rich protein food and lots of exercises.

Interestingly, a pit bull is specifically bred to be friendly towards humans. However, the problem is that its strength and aggression mean that any incident is likely to be highly serious. Contrast that with a breed like a Pomeranian – while they are also prone to snapping, they are so small that any incident is barely a scratch!

If you are looking for a friendly dog for your house and kids, and have never owned a strong personality dog then rottweilers (Rotties are also banned in several countries including Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore) and pit bulls are not an appropriate choice. These dogs are strong and also have independent personalities.

They need a firm training, continuous supervision and at least 40-60 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. Otherwise, they are prone to becoming irritated and aggressive.

That said, pit bulls have the cutest smile ever!


  1. But the police men have charged me like 5k for keeping pit bull as a pet!
    i said them that this breed is not banned in India, they did not believe and were ready to take him(pit bull ) away

  2. My pit bull stopped a robbery at my farm house. The superintendent of police offered my pit bull a job at the local police station. I am a proud pit bull owner.

  3. If your pitbull kills any of the dog or attacks any of the resident in that case the owner charged with murder case in India or will be free from crime just paying Rs 5000/- or escape from crime like a robber???


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