keeping your dogs stimulated

Dogs are genetically intelligent, curious and active. So it is very important to keep your dogs busy otherwise  they might develop a lazy attitude and to save your dogs from that ,you must keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

So here is a list of some fun activities and games your dogs can be a part of-

1.The Cup game

Place three cups in front of your dog and then put a special treat for your dog in one of the cups and then move the cups, let your dog watch while you are moving the cups around. In the end, let your dog guess the right cup and treat him.









2. The Name Game 

As mentioned before dogs are very intelligent, they slowly start recognizing words like   your name, his name, treat,ball etc . so it is very essential to increase the vocabulary of your dog by teaching him more words.


3.The Muffin Tin Game

Pick up a muffin tin and place some smelly treats in some of the holes ,then cover all the holes  with balls. Place it in front of your dog and let him figure out the way to get to the treats placed beneath the balls.


4.Dog Parks

Take your dog to different and amusing dog parks. It is very essential for a dog to keep moving around, so open spaces and dog parks are the best for your dog to run, jump and walk .

5.Change Toys

Same toys for weeks or months can get monotonous for dogs , so it is very important to change the toys of your dog after a particular time span . It would keep them entertained and happy.


Take your dog along when you are going to meet a friend or somewhere near just for some interaction. This boosts  the spirit of your dog and keeps them mentally stimulated.

7.Obedience Training

Obedience training is a must for every dog breed, they should be trained to listen to your every instruction, some dogs like Poodle Mixes and Border Collie are the breeds which happen to be very well in obedience training.

8.Treasure Hunt

Dogs are known for their amazing sense of smell, so in this all you have to do is pick up an extra smelly treat and show it to your dog and then ask him to sit and wait until you hide it. Call out his name loudly and ask him to find it.

9.The Fetch Game

This is the most common game with dogs , pick up a ball or anything that your dog can hold in his mouth and show it to him, then throw it as far as you can and wait till your dog fetches it and brings it back to you.










10. New Trick

Show a treat to your dog and ask him to do various tricks like roll over,  sit down, stand up, hi-5 etc until you are impressed enough to give him the treat .



These are some of the ways which can help you in keeping your dog entertained and stimulated both mentally and physically!


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