dog breeds in India

Over the years, Indians have adapted to living with dogs as pets. Some keep them in their homes as protection. Dogs are fun and loving animals that will always reciprocate fair treatment. Also, they are sharp and will take time before adjusting to a new environment. If you make a keen observation, you will notice the numerous types walking around close to their masters. Due to the exceptional treatment, the dogs have learned to offer unending loyalty to their owners. Below is a compilation of the types that you can keep as a pet if you reside here.

1. Cocker Spaniel

It is a medium-bodied dog with eyes similar to the shape of an almond. It can grow up to 37 centimetres tall with a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. Under normal circumstances, it can live up to 15 years. The coat grows to a considerable length, making it convenient to stay indoors. It can reproduce up to an average of 5 puppies per given period. Although it appears to be reserved, it often focuses on making observations on people’s behaviors. The animal requires a more extended period before opening up, but once it gains confidence, there is no turning back. Keeping this dog is a beautiful experience that will shower you with lots of love and affection. You can get the breed in either a mixture of black and white or black, white, and tan.

2. German Shepherd

German shepherds are big-bodied dog breed with a brilliant brain. The ability makes them suitable to work in different settings. For instance, military, police dogs, and also guide dogs. They can stay in homes since they have an affection for children. However, training is vital for them to fit in any routine. They have an open mind, thus learning new tricks quickly. However, they prefer to observe first rather than reacting immediately. The first few days, they will appear reserved, then, later on, they start opening up.

3. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is the most commonly available dog breeds in India. The popularity is due to its affordability and also friendliness. On regular occasions, they serve as police or rescue dogs in institutions. Nevertheless, homeowners also have a chance to keep them since they are intelligent. They can survive in any environment as long as it is not chaotic. The most vital asset is to train it for specific settings. The dog has a life expectancy of 10 years if you take good care of it. They are stern on following instructions, thus ideal for helping blind people as guidance.

4. Doberman Pinscher

The dogs look like German shepherds, but with a shorter fur. Their body size, however, is similar, and they can grow tall. They possess character traits of quietness and friendliness towards humans and other animals. They can blend effortlessly anywhere there is peace. If you are looking for a responsible dog, then it is the type for you. It is possible to work with them this way through regular pieces of training. Their sharp mind makes them competitive to follow instructions. Also, they don’t like lazying around but rather staying on their feet unless it’s sleeping time.

5. Pomeranian

The dog’s common name is Pom Pom. It is originally from Poland, a region called Pomerania in Central Europe. It is the friendliest breed of dog that you will ever meet in the world. It has a sharp mind that can sense the mood in any environment. In the case of chaos; it will mostly walk away as it prefers peace. However, this does not make it helpless. It can rise to the occasion when attacked. You can find them white, black, and greyish depending on your designs. Pomeranians always stand out of the crowd as its appearance gets everyone’s attention. It has small cute eyes and a furry body that makes it adorable.

6. Golden Retriever

It is the smiling dog. Upon meeting, you will not hesitate to touch it. The golden retriever is one package of awesomeness loved by everyone. It is full of energy hence very playful. Despite being all over the place, they are loyal. You have a guarantee of protection. They are even intelligent and will take a shorter time to master all the instructions you give them. Expect them to be friendly to everyone that crosses their path. Its loyalty knows no boundaries.

7. Bullmastiff

It is a healthy dog with a built body such that most people confuse it with a German shepherd. Nevertheless, it has a sharp mind that grasps instructions within a short period. It is also quite active and agile hence the reason for frequent exercising. The work out prevents it from becoming overweight and docile. It can add up to 59 kgs if left to relax around. It loves children and will spend most times in the outdoors playing. Once it gains confidence in you, it forever remains faithful. It can shield you from any danger. You can also get it in a variety of shades like grey, brown, and even red. When making settlements, ensure you also invest in a trainer to make it stay in shape.

The list of pet dogs in India is endless. The above mentioned are the most commonly owned types. They all have unique features and characteristics, but they will fit into your environment through sufficient training. One trick about dogs is they give out what you feed them. Therefore, if you want to enjoy peace, ensure you are always directing lots of kindness on their way.


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