Buying a dog in India

Buying a Dog in India? Here Is What to Look for in a Breeder

ThereĀ are so many pups in need of a home, that we highly suggest looking at adoption first. However, if you have made your decision to buy, please make sure that you judge your breeder properly. There are a lot of breeders in India who are mistreating dogs only to save a few bucks. Dogs are kept in appalling conditions and the breeders will lie to you about the parent’s health, temperament and similar.

Due to the rise in commercial dog breeding India has worked into law some breeding regulations. Consumers who are buying a dog in India should make an educated purchase. There are specific questions and things to look out for when buying a dog in India. These rules help to ensure breeders are providing healthy dogs to buyers and lessen the chances of animal abuse, abandonment, and cruelty.

1) Ask to see the breeders registration paperwork.

Breeders are required to register and provide proof of registration to potential buyers. It’s not uncommon for unethical breeders to be deceitful about paperwork. Excuses as to why they can’t provide verification to you should be enough for you to walk away. In my experience, these people will justify lack of paperwork by giving any excuses under the sun from saving money, to calling it needless, to giving the papers later etc. Remember, these ‘no-paperwork’ breeders are the one who quite often give you pups stolen from others. News like this stolen German Shepherd pup exists because there is a market for stolen pups. Make sure you are not unknowingly being used in such an operation by an unethical breeder.

2) Ask about vaccinations and microchips.

Registered breeders are required to vaccinate and put microchips in their puppies. A certificate verifying the vaccinations should be in the breeder’s possession. All clinics also maintain a medical booklet that should be at hand. A microchip can be scanned for verification of registration. If these requirements have not been met do not make a purchase. Again, accept no excuses. Kennel Club of India even gives you some of the excuses these breeders will make.

3) Age and parentage matter.

It’s illegal to sell puppies under the age of 8 weeks old. This gives the puppies a proper time frame for weaning from the mother and learning social skills amongst their littermates. Asking to see the parents and the environment the puppies are raised in is not only okay to do – it is the right thing to do. Inspections should be done to help protect the welfare of the animals and to be sure stricter guidelines are being followed. If something doesn’t feel right don’t hesitate to walk away.

4) Buying a Dog in India? Get Everything in Writing

This creates a purchase contract stating what you are paying for and what is promised to you. It may include a spay or neuter agreement to prevent further breeding. It should list all details of your purchase, the breed, color, sex, vaccination dates and microchip registration number. This will serve as a receipt of purchase and should be kept safe with other important documents. Both parties involved in the sale should sign the agreement. The document helps protect both the buyer and the seller should there be an issue.

In India, we are perfectly at ease to bypass bills and receipts to save some money. The problem here is that if you are buying a dog in this way, you are encouraging an awful industry of thieves, and no-knowledge-breeders.

5) Don’t get swindled

Besides the origin, health, and environment the dog is bred in, the cost comes into the picture. Higher prices are often placed on dogs that are registered. It’s a reassurance that you’ve made an educated decision. You are buying a dog that is off to the best start healthwise and has had proper early nurturing. This means that it will have a stable temperament and will live its loving life to the full. Everything checks out as buying from a legitimate dog breeder in India. Before you give your money to the seller make sure to never pay with cash. Use a cheque or bank wire in the event there is a problem the institution may be able to help you. This is also another way to verify your purchase with a paper trail of proof.

Finally, never buy a dog in India on a sudden impulse. All puppies are cute and cuddly but they will soon change to an adult dog with different needs. We visited many pet care centers and the number one cause of abandonment is that people look at puppies in YouTube videos and impulsively feel that they should get a cute puppy. What they do not understand is that dogs need a lot of work. The cute puppy will grow up to be a big dog – a dog, which if not properly trained, can become temperamental. It will need exercise, socialization and training. Understand this and only then go forward to buying.

The love of a dog is a pure thing. He gives you a trust which is total. You must not betray it.


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