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21 human foods that can make your dog sick
When we adopt a puppy, we bring a friend to our home. We consider our dog as a family member so we give him everything to eat. But not every food is good for your dog's health. We have enlisted 21 human foods that can make your dog sick. 1. Coconut or coconut products: Coconut products are not likely to cause...
I was looking for some stuff for my Boxer on Amazon and right at the top saw a new dog food is featured. Grain Zero, an Amazon Exclusive. Having never heard of it before, I tried looking for online reviews. Unfortunately, the name is just about (exactly) the same as another famous brand "Zero Grain". So I could find...
Can my dog eat that - Foods that confuse dow owners
A nutritious diet is important for your dog to lead a long life. Pet owners may have heard different stories about foods that may or may not be dangerous for dogs to eat. A morsel falling on the floor is not an emergency - but are you ever sure? Most human foods are safe for dogs to eat. Though,...
Natural Homemade Remedies for dogs
Petcare can get costly if you have a dog that has some common issues like dry skin or allergies. While it is important to consult a vet in case of doubt, many of these symptoms can be offset with natural homemade remedies you might already have in your home. Here are some natural homemade remedies for dogs that you...
Veg Diet For my dog
So, you’re a vegetarian, and are considering a vegetarian diet for your dog? This is quite common in India where most vegetarian families really do not want to get any meat inside their houses, not even in the form of dog food. The obvious conclusion is to feed our dogs vegetarian food as well. Why not let them enjoy the...

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