Golden Retrievers in India

Golden retrievers are made out of pure love. They are one of the best family dogs and great with children. Golden Retrievers in India are also one of the most popular breeds. But, before you rush off to adopt or buy a golden puppy – you should know more about this lovely dog.

Golden Retriever Puppy in India

Who hasn’t wanted to pet a golden retriever puppy? The golden pups are angelic, friendly and beautiful. When properly trained, Golden’s also make great guide dogs for the blind. They work as narcotic detection dogs and also tracking dogs for the missing people. They are as versatile as they come!

But before you rush to buy (please adopt!) any pup for yourself, you should take out some time to learn about the breed first. Try to attend the dog shows, meet with different owners of Golden Retrievers, and also interact with them.

It is never a good idea to buy from a backyard breeder or a local puppy mill. Backyard breeders are amateurs and know nothing about proper breeding standards. Puppy mills are even worse – they will disregard dog health just to make some bucks. If you are planning to buy, get some find reputed breeders who only specialize in golden retrievers.

Golden Retriever Puppies Price in India.

India’s most loved breed. Social, amiable, playful and extremely fond of water and swimming – highly unusual which makes them one of the most popular breeds in the country. These dogs were originally bred to hunt, however, now, they are considered more like sniffer dogs, guide dogs, more often than not, a therapy dog. 

These dogs can be purchased for Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 30,000. Breeders usually have a lot of experience in making healthy puppies. The breeder here plays a significant role. It is crucial to make sure that the puppies are adopted from a reliable, experienced breeder. This breed of dogs is extremely cheerful and are quick at picking up words and phrases, thus, easy to train, however, they get anxious and depressed if left alone for long periods of time. 

So who really are golden retrievers?

⎫ The Retrievers are a very social and interactive dog breed. Golden’s being so people-oriented, it is very important that they live with their owners. They need to be involved in your life.
⎫ The golden retriever’s are very tender by heart and will tolerate all your mistakes, wanting nothing more than you to acknowledge that they are there and a small pat on the head.
⎫ These dogs right from puppyhood require and enjoy physical activities like walking, jogging, and hiking.
⎫ Golden’s have a great temperament and are quite tolerant even if a child accidentally pokes it or pulls its tail. However, it is still an animal and you should always supervise the interaction between an animal and a child. No matter how great your Golden Retriever may be around kids, you’ll never want to leave your dog and your kids alone.
⎫ Almost all retrievers are fond of water and will never leave a chance to get wet or drench in rain. They love to play in mud also on a frequent basis.
⎫ Just like any long-haired breed, retrievers need enough of moving air, shade, and water. They can easily get overheated. Do take care of your dog so that it doesn’t overexert themselves in summers.

In most places in India, the temperature is hot and the weather dusty. You will need even more precaution to have a healthy pup. Keep your house clean and the dog’s food bowl hygienic. Under no circumstances should you keep a dog tied down in the heat. Allow it a shady place to rest.

How are Golden Retriever puppies in temperament?

Just like any other puppy, the first few days in a new home are tense for both the dog and the family. The pup will be anxious and testing out.

When you bring the retriever puppy home, make sure you are giving it the same food that it was accustomed to. A good breeder would have started the pup on puppy food by 8 weeks, so ask him what food you should provide. The puppies have very delicate stomachs so make sure you don’t feed it table scraps or your leftovers. When you first bring your little puppy home, don’t be afraid if it does not respond to the food you have offered because puppies take time to accept the surroundings. Don’t force it to eat –
instead, let it relax and give proper time to adjust to the atmosphere of your house.

Once it has completed its first night sleep, give him some space to run around and let him relax to gain some energy in the morning sunshine. Do make the feeding plan as per the dog’s requirements and in consultation with your vet.

Remember, when you bring a puppy home, you are bringing a lifelong friend and a family member with you.

Again, we always recommend to adopt rather than buy – since there are so many lovely pups in need of a better home.

Top questions from people who own a golden retriever puppy?

Why does my golden retriever puppy bite me?

Almost always, it is nothing but regular puppy behavior. The puppies bite when they want to play, or simply trying out everything: pawing, licking, biting. Sometimes they are even not aware of teething hence starts biting everything.

The other reasons are it may be feeling hungry or anxious about certain things. Do not scold the puppy. Use a firm “No” or reactions such as “Ouch” that tell the puppy that this is bad behavior.

Why does my golden retriever puppy have short hair?

The retriever pups are very notorious and often shed its hair twice a year
especially at the time of bath. But, the owners should not be worried, the pups
can gain their hair as fast as they lose it. If the problem seems persistent – have a talk with your vet.

Why does my golden retriever puppy sleep so much?

Puppies are hyper-energetic beings. They exhaust themselves quickly and then sleep soundly. However, there could be underlying reasons like health issues or anxiousness. If in conjunction with sleep, you also notice a loss of appetite – talk to your vet.

Why does my golden retriever puppy look aggressive?

Mostly it is play fighting. It is rare for puppies to be actually aggressive but pay attention to if they are guardng their food or are getting scared about something.

Why does my golden retriever puppy look so skinny?

Puppies grow with respect to time. Some puppies take time to grow as their
digestive system takes time to adapt the food they eat.

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