I was looking for some stuff for my Boxer on Amazon and right at the top saw a new dog food is featured. Grain Zero, an Amazon Exclusive. Having never heard of it before, I tried looking for online reviews. Unfortunately, the name is just about (exactly) the same as another famous brand “Zero Grain”. So I could find nothing online. There was an offer going on, so I ordered a package of my own for this Grain Zero Dog Food Review.

Grain Zero Dog Food India

Why Grain Zero Dog Food?

This comes from the train of thought that the natural diet of dogs didn’t contain grains. These dog foods exclude wheat, soy, and corn from the ingredients. This is also claimed to be more allergy friendly to dogs.

How does it look?

Grain Zero Dog Food India

While the texture seems similar to other dog foods, it looked slightly less dry.

The ultimate test was, of course, my ridiculously picky Boxer. He seems to like this food more than the others. As recommended, we are introducing him slowly to the new diet. However, the above small sample amount was eaten quite enthusiastically by him.

Can Dogs Eat Grains?

Yes, there seems to be nothing harmful about grains. We have covered the vegetarian diet and natural remedies for dogs earlier. The core arguments amongst vets are that while dogs did originate from being meat eaters they have been domesticated for thousands of years now. It is true that the digestive tracts of dogs have not evolved enough to ferment cellulose. However, as PetMD says, there is nothing particularly harmful about soy, wheat or corn.

The point of contention is that grains are perhaps not the most efficient food source for dogs. And if dog foods are using them as a filler, your dog might not be getting the complete nutrition.

Grain Zero dog food is definitely worth a try. At least Bingo seems happy eating it! And the current introductory cost also seems better than other competing foods.




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