How much does it cost to keep a dog?

Our dogs are like our family members. Like humans, they also require proper care, food, and medication – once they come in our homes. But, the question which knocks on first-time dog owner’s head is how much does it cost to keep a dog in India?

Here in this article, we have covered the expenses that you need to bear on a monthly basis if you adopt a dog in India (which is absolutely nothing in front of your dog’s unconditional love).

Adopt a dog in India

Vaccination Expense:

A pup is required to be vaccinated once it is adopted so that it can be infection free. The vaccinations like anti-rabies, anti-parvo are important to prevent your pup from hazardous diseases like rabies. These vaccinations can cost you around Rs. 1000-1500 on an average monthly basis. Also, annual vet visits or in case of an emergency call can lead to further Rs. 4000-5000.

Unless you can do them yourself – dogs also require cutting of nails and cleaning of ears. These services are not costly and most vets do them free of cost when you go for a checkup.

Food Expense:

Not every human food is healthy for your dog. Some can cause allergy to them. So initially you should always prefer dog food like pedigree, to feed your dog as long as they develop the taste of other normal foods. Branded pet foods are expensive. My boxer eats about 8-12 Kg Pet food among others. At an average price of INR 1600 for a 4Kg pack, you are looking at 3-5000 Rs. There are also others on offer that might be a bit cheaper.


Most vets will recommend at least a Calcium and a Multivitamin supplement. These cost roughly Rs 200 for a 50 tablet bottle.

Crate/Dog Houses Expense:

This is a one-time investment because whenever you bought a crate or house for your dog it will be for forever. Its pricing depends upon the size and the space you are looking for as per your dog growth. Generally, an average size dog house/crate is of Rs.1500-2000. A dog bed will also set you back with the same amount.

Dogs are family


Squeaky Toys Expense:

Dogs have a habit of chewing everything they see on their way. Hence, squeaky toys or bones can gaze all their attention as they are soft and create noise when squeaked. So mostly dog owners prefer to have these toys in order to save their important things to be ruined by their dogs. They are not so costly and even one can make them on their own. Retail prices go from 100-300 Rs, but you can buy them wholesale at much cheaper (Rs. 40-50 per piece).

Clothes Expense:

Clothes are an optional choice. Some dog owners spend too much on their styling and fashion while others want to keep their dogs free and natural. If you want to buy fancy clothes for your dog then it can cost you for around Rs. 1000-1500 per dress.

All in all, keeping a dog is not exactly cheap but the payoff is amazing. After all, we love our dogs and we cannot put a price tag on their happiness and fitness. Neither should we compromise on their health concerns or required vaccinations. It is our responsibility to take care of our little companion in the best way possible.


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