Indian Stray Dogs

As Indians one thing is for sure that we do not know how to value things, they are only valuable if we can buy gold from it or if it is gold itself. Isn’t it sad that we keep ranting out how cute dogs are or how adorable they make us feel but what do we do for them in return?

Nothing! If you go down any street or road in our country you will see 2 to 3 dogs just wandering the streets because they are either disowned or they have been lost. Least do we realize that these dogs are nothing less than the dogs we have at home? They have feelings, need food and require shelter. Why is it that we care so less for the things that genuinely make us happy? Isn’t it unfair that it is these things that make us happy and yet we never even bother to care even a little bit about them? Well, how can I possibly ask someone to do things that could help stray dogs, when people do not care about the feelings of each other how could they possibly care about those of a stray dog? What makes us think that our needs are different than that of an animal and to be precise stray dogs? Well, we need food, water, love and shelter. They need the same thing. How hard can it be to show a little bit of concern towards a stray dog? We could simply start off by not ignoring them because that could be a pretty good start as a beginner, who isn’t used to caring much about animals or feelings in general. By not ignoring I mean, we can simply just spend a few bucks and buy them some biscuits and water which would be more than enough for you to start caring about them even more. I agree, taking care of dogs could be a task but in the end, they are living things too, and if we don’t care for them, who will? Trust me if they could help themselves, they wouldn’t even be called stray.

We could also help them by not hitting them only for video tapping purposes because come on where is that humanity? Just because you are allowed to sacrifice a goat that doesn’t mean you go around killing anything that moves in the name of sacrifice. I agree that some people as children did not pay attention to their value education class in school, but that doesn’t
mean you cannot consider the feelings of a stray animal. Living in India we know for sure that India is a country of situations, by which I mean that we as people from India go through a lot of problems daily due to the lack of development in our country. Now, when I say lack of development it doesn’t mean development at the cost of nature. How difficult would it become if we end up cutting down nature only for our luxuries? We are basically enjoying at the cost of wildlife and nature. We have many animals that thrive in the wild to survive but if we end up cutting down their homes for our benefits where are they supposed to go and take shelter to? Imagine it this way, if someone takes away some small benefit from which that is
not even that important to us, irrespective of the trouble caused to other we decide on going on some kind of a strike or protest. We do not mind causing trouble to someone else as long as our demands and needs are fulfilled. Times are so bad that people from the same society are so selfish that they would rather step on each other but they would want to make sure that their demands are met at any cost no matter what. We have seen the rains that have been pouring down in all the major and developing states of this country and how badly did it affect the people from the country. Now imagine if the people who are very much capable of
taking care of themselves failed to do so this time, how do we expect these innocent animals to take care of themselves. Being hungry was fine, being thirsty was fine, now you are saying that these animals have to die a miserable death only because they cannot log into “99” and buy themselves a kennel? Couldn’t we show a little bit humbleness and
provide a little bit of shelter to these stray dogs that keep wandering the streets in these heavy rains and during floods? I can assure you that would not demand a share in your property or anything as such. They just require a small area that could keep them safe and sound.

When it comes to festivals we are the first ones to celebrate them, I am not saying that celebrating a festival is wrong, all I am saying is that the way we celebrate them can be handled differently. We know how disturbing it is when we light fireworks, the sound and the smoke is tremendous and causes quite a lot of disturbance to us. But dogs having a much more acute sense of smell and hearing have to face this kind of a situation where they have no place to hide or no place that could prevent them from the sound and the pollution. Imagine we as people pretend to be deaf, yet we close the windows and the curtains of our homes so that we do not get disturbed by the smoke or the sound. But what about the dogs that live on the street and go mad due to the sounds and smoke they have to intake daily. We can all take small steps one at a time towards doing sometimes good not only for the people but for the dogs and nature too. The question is are you willing to?


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