Importing a dog to India needs a fair number of procedures and documents. But first, please do look into adopting a dog before buying or importing. There are so many lovely dogs in need of a home.

With that out of the way, importing a living being into any country is subject to strict laws.

Like many areas in the world, India has had to implement stringent rules regarding importing dogs. This is mostly due to the overpopulation of stray and street dogs in India. In an effort to stop this problem, dogs are not allowed to be imported into India for breeding or other commercial uses.

Certain conditions must be met while importing dogs into India.

Taking Up Residency in India with a Dog

India will allow importing up to 2 pets per person if the owner has a transfer of residence to India. Residency must be for longer than a year or have had residency outside of India for more than 2 years. Visits in the prior two years may not exceed 180 days.

Visiting India on Short Visa with a Dog

Short visa visitors will have to follow the same guidelines as tourists would. India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) requires you to obtain a license to import and the dog must leave the country with you.

Tourists Traveling to India with a Dog

Tourists traveling with their dogs will have to obtain a license from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to bring their dog into India. They may be visiting for personal business, vacation or even pet shows. After obtaining the DGFT license tourists must get a No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Major Requirements For Importing a Dog to India

1) Microchip
All dogs entering India must be ISO 11784/11785 pet microchipped. That’s a 15 digit and non-encrypted chip. If your dog is chipped with a non-compliant code you must also bring the proper microchip scanner to read it.

2) Import permits
Dogs entering India due to ownership change must get DGFT license to import. They are required to have a 30-day quarantine certificate from the originating country. Owners entering India with their dogs must additionally obtain a NOC to import their dog properly.

The ANF-2M form can be found on the DGFT website here

For the NOC, please contact for the current required forms.

3) Vaccinations
Vaccinations records of the dog entering India will be required. Rabies vaccination must have occurred 30 days to 1 year prior to entry. The 3-year vaccinations are not recognized in India. Parvo, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and lepto vaccinations will also require documentation before importing a dog to India.

4) Blood Titer
Some countries require blood titer tests, India does not.

5) Health Certificates and other forms
USDA or CFIA certificates are required on entry into India with a dog if traveling from the United States or Canada. Within 10 days of departing to India, a Veterinarian must sign a good bill of health for your pet. If traveling from another country check with the import/export division for guidelines to follow. If moving to India a notarized document attesting to residency in India is needed. A certified copy of a contract for employment (if this is the reason for moving to India) may also be required.

A sample veterinary health certificate for importing dogs from the US to India can be seen here (Export of dogs from US to India – health certificate)

6) Banned Breeds
India does not currently keep a list of banned breeds. Breeding and commercial use of dogs is prohibited in India.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep a copy of all documents in duplicate, you don’t know where they might be needed.
  • Double check with the airlines, they might have some special requirements. You will also need to make sure on the terms of carriage and other needs while the pet is traveling.
  • Check with the local Indian airport where the pet will be landing. There might be some extra information that you might have missed.
  • If you are importing a dog to India from the US, please take a look at the detailed guide here (link)
  • The above is a set of current guidelines that might change. Please make sure to contact the authorities to have an up to date knowledge of all requirements!

Further information on importing a dog to India can be found by contacting India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade. (link)


  1. My friend is in germany since two years can he calim transfer of residence to bring dog into India.. and go back leaving behind them here only.


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