Indian Pariah Dog

Who are you a dog or a cat person? This question is to get frequently asked by everyone if you love animals. This is not something related to spiritual stuff and all. But this is related to the love we have for the animals. Dogs and cats are generally considered as pet animals because they have a telepathic connection with a human. Well, we will take Dog for our description. Dogs are loyal, compassionate, emotional, and also love their owners way too much. But do you know before taking them as a companion they are used for Shepard’s work, to provide security to the house? And to protect humans from wild animals? These are some works they used to do before they were taken as a house pet.

We know India is the state of agriculture. We worship the animals who help us with farming work. We worship Snake for being protection from mice who destroys the crops. And also we worship bulls and oxen for helping in heavy work of farming such as digging etc. we do not worship dog but we give them respect and love as a family member. In rural India, every house has at least one dog. Or if they don’t have, they will provide a bowl full of food to street dogs. This is an act of kindness in India for animals.

Indian Street Dogs

Street dogs are found in every ally, every street in India. They are stray dogs. Some of them are who lost their shelter, some are born and brought up on the streets and some are abandoned dogs. Unfortunately, Indian street dogs have poor conditions of living. They are malnourished, infected by diseases, and not vaccinated, and poor health conditions. Even if rural dogs are in good condition in India, stray dogs in urban areas are facing so many problems. But do you know they have different categories of the breed in them? Apart from these problems they are facing, how they got treated and what are their breeds in India? Which breeds of dogs are common in India? We will get through this information keeping aside their problems for now.

Indian Native Dogs or Indian Pariah Dogs

Indian native dogs or Pariah dogs are commonly found in India. They have certain features in them which make them belong to the same breed. This breed was used for security and guarding houses. They have a common appearance style. The wedge-shaped head, erected ears, brown, white or black in furs, they have 2.5-foot maximum height. They have way back the long history of ancestors. Their ancestors were maybe 4500 thousand years old breed. Before evolution, there was the rumor of having high temper in them. That is why they were used for guarding and security.

Physical Appearance

They are physically strong, aggressive, good physique, and weight. The most common appearance in colors likes said above brownish, white and black color, their ears are never bent or flappy but erect. Their hearing power is also the best. They can catch the sound of any wild predators’ paws from a mile around. Their muzzle is straight and coned shaped. Their teeth are razor sharp yet gentle on fragile things. They are also good at hunting for small creatures like rabbit and squirrel.

Their tail is always curved not straight. There is this funny phrase in Marathi which literally meant, even if you put dog’s tail in a straight tube it will always be curvy. This phrase was related to human that even if you try to change someone’s habit or behavior it will remain the same. Jokes apart, the tail of Pariah dog is a half foot long and when they get excited or happy they will wiggle it or hold it high for showing their emotions. They can live up to 10 to 13 years. In human years 40 to 45 years. Their life span is quite small but with good care, there are some dogs who had lived for 18 years of lifespan. Their weight is normally 20 to 30 kg.

History of Pariah Dogs

Their history is like said in the above paragraph is 4,500 thousand years old. Some of the skulls of Pariah dogs were found in ancient Mohenjodaro civilization. They are archives of their bones and skulls found while researching. In fact, there are rock arts of Pariah dogs founds in Bhimtekarock shelters. The Pariah dog species found generally on the land of India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. So this is some ancient historical information of our cuddle buddies.

Modern Day problems

Stray dogs or Street dogs in India are nowadays having very vast population. Due to this population, they are having health problems, rabies, menace, rabid dogs on the street. This is leading to violent and unfortunate deaths of this breed in India. India is having a National Policy on Stray Dogs for their welfare. This policy is for canine rabies control, population control of stray dogs and Birth control of stray dogs. It was implemented by Maneka Gandhi in 1994. It was supposed to be the welfare of stray animals in India. But nowadays, the dogs on the street are getting feral rabid and attacking humans.

This is a serious issue need to be dealt with. In 2015 and 2017, there are various cases of feral dogs attacking human and killing them to death. If you look at the cases of such attack you will see the victims were bitten, chunks of their necks and body parts were bitten by dogs.

There are certain NGO’s who works for stray dog’s welfare. Like Animal Aid in Ahmedabad. They are saving these stray dogs from any mishap. If you are an animal lover, you can help them by doing some things like giving them food, if they are being feral and attacking humans then calling NGO’s for animals and describing them the situation. They will help well than anyone. If you can do nothing like this, just don’t provoke them or irritate them by throwing stones and colors on their body. They will not harm you if you didn’t harm them first.


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