As dog lovers, it is always refreshing to see a purity of love in dog care. For anyone who has seen IndieLove’s Facebook Page ( – it is obvious that the team works for dogs from their heart. We asked them to share their story with our readers.

How did Indie Love start and who is the team behind it?

Swagnika Kaushik IndieLove
Swagnika Kaushik with Kids

Indielove was a long time thought from the day we adopted our first kid, Judi, on 21st Jan 2015. That was the time we realized what an INDIAN BREED is all about. A dog is a dog no matter what breed it is. But somehow, we Indians crave for foreign breeds even without knowing the facts of the particular breed. I somehow learned that our desi breeds are stronger and more active than any other given breeds. Indian breeds can adapt easily in any climate. [Editor Note: This is true, Indian breeds are sturdier in our climate]


Sunil Kaushik IndieLove
Sunil Kaushik

There was a time when I had 7 adopted dogs (now 12) and I had to find a place to foster them for 10 days. When I saw the price in the market, I was shocked literally to see the price. How will a rescuer who rescues a dog and wants to foster them afford that kind of price? That’s when, we decided to open up a place where we charge only for the food, and we take care of the basic medication in that.

Indielove is opened by Swagnikaa & Sunil Kaushik, but a lot of other people have also put an effort to help us financially as well as mentally to open up this place.

What services/ products do you provide?

We are only into fostering desi dogs mostly. Any abandoned pet – be it a foreign breed or desi.

While (almost) everyone loves dogs, there are very few animal care centers in India. What are the challenges?

There aren’t a few animal centers, there are a lot! But people tend to buy illegal breeds and the dump them either in the center or in the street. Those people need to understand that dogs aren’t a commodity, that you take in cuteness and later dump them. What will the shelter or the animal activist do? To run a shelter or a foster care one needs monetary help – where will an activist run a place like that?

Animal rights are still not taken seriously in India – do you think a change in policy is required or are there deeper problems?

Certainly, a stricter law should be made for the animals. Because humans have forgotten that this place isn’t just made for them only; there are other living beings who have same RIGHTS to LIVE LIFE. A human can’t decide the fate of an animal, and we don’t have the rights. Can you understand, how painful it is to see that a human beating up an animal in board daylight, or running over some animal for no good reason? What if we human starts doing the same thing with HUMAN BEING also?

What message would you like to give to dog lovers in India?

LOVE & HAPPINESS can’t be bought by money. If you cannot afford to have a dog, feed a stray or go to a shelter to help the activist. Take care of nearby strays, sterilize them, vaccinate them. How much would it cost to buy a packet of biscuits and feed a dog?


Any particular story that stands out during your association with dogs?

AHA! There are many. Out of many, I will share two; the closest to my heart. I can’t even think a day without them.

JUGNI AKA THE FIGHTER  – In Feb’2017 I got a call from a friend of mine saying that there is pup that was rescued by a vet, but whose spinal cord broken and she will be put to sleep if no one comes to foster (I mean seriously! why rescue and kill a dog of your wish, juts let her be in her place. Isn’t it?) Next morning, the first thing I did was to call the vet and ask him not to PTS as I will come and pick the pup up. Not knowing what I am stepping into, I went to rescue the kid.

For the next 6 months, it was just as difficult for both me and Jugni. Those who promised to be her virtual parent virtually vanished from the face of the earth. I could see the pup, dragging herself all day bleeding from her scratch. The first struggle was to gain her trust, 6 months down the line she never trusted me (it was so strange). She was broken beyond anything, all the vets suggested PTS as there was no recovery for her. But, I couldn’t just give up.

I called and spoke to as many people I could. And one fine day the card played – Aditi Badam (Posh Foundation) had given me a hope, that one fine day Jugni can walk with her three legs. Jugni had to go for her amputation. That one week in our life was a blackout, that time Jugni & I realized how much we love each other that it was difficult for us to stay apart.

Jugni - The Fighter
Jugni – The Fighter

The moment when I went to pick her up, I could see her first smiling face; I could see her waiting for me for ages. And, from then there is no looking back for me & Jugni. She is almost a year old and the most notorious & naughty one from my lot.


A golden retriever who was a breeder reject was dumped in some village in Gurgaon. When she was dumped the breeder didn’t know that she was pregnant & and she had a baby in the street. A friend contacted me for fostering the mother and the pup. Angel & her daughter (Murphy) didn’t take a second to get close to Sunil. It was bond that was actually made in heaven. It was difficult for her adoption, as people always think that a person who adopts a breed will be into breeding. Angel was already 9 years old and we didn’t know what life she will be in after adoption, so we decided to adopt her & her pup so that the last few years of angel go in happiness.

Angel jagat Mata
Angel – a match made in heaven

And, yes we could give her all happiness she deserved, but couldn’t save her pup who died due to distemper virus. Angel is so mature that she didn’t shed a tear even though it was difficult for me to face her. But I remember, when he came home she came near Sunil and sat beside him; as if nothing happened. Today, Angel is 10 years old yet a baby who waits in front of the gate for her father. She is Jagat Mata to all the pups in my house.

Likewise, every other kid in my house has a lovely story. Today we have more than 30 dogs who happily stay together.

That’s what Indielove is all about. Know more about us on our Facebook Page (Link)

Some park fun
Some park fun


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