If you own a dog and wish to have a parrot (or other way around), you will obviously have some questions as to the best method in introducing dog and parrot. As sweet as both animals are, you have to be more cautious and alert while making the introduction. In India, both dogs and parrots are popular as friendly and lovable pets. However, it does not mean that they can be compatible at once with each other as both are fragile creatures, with lots of intelligence. The first reaction can be aggressive and unwanted.

Dog and parrot in India

Let’s discuss how you can make their first meet a comfortable one:

A parrot is more fragile (obviously).

Take care of the parrot at first – Do not just open the door of the cage and let your parrot fly all over the house as this might cause aggression in your dog at first and things might get rough. Even if your parrot is used to roaming free, keep it in the cage during the initial time.

Know if your dog has a habit of catching/ killing sparrows or small animals

Many outdoor dogs have a strong prey drive. They can easily believe your new parrot to be a pest. You must train them that this is not the case. If your dog has already killed small animals, do not get a parrot. The chances of an accident are high. If your dog is still a pup, then train him properly. Be gentle with the parrot around him. Try to show him how light the touch needs to be.

Reward both animals with goodies

Often we notice that pets get jealous of each other in terms of their master’s attention diversion. And both dogs and parrots are highly intelligent and sensitive. Make sure that your attention should be equally divided between the two of them. Always reward them with some goodies (like pet treats) when they behave nicely with each other or do something good, to maintain a balance. Do not ignore one at the cost of other. Notice their moods, the tendency to snap or to shy away. Both are signs of problems.

Keep your pets under supervision

No matter, how comfortable your dog and parrot are with each other, always keep an eye on them regardless of the fact. A single miss can cause a serious injury or even death of your parrot. Do not leave them alone for extended periods of time. Make sure both are properly fed. Especially take care when weather changes as either can become irritable.


Dogs with parrots India

For the first meeting, don’t choose a place that can seem like intrusion for either pet

At first, choose a place which is neutral for both. That is, do not take the parrot into the dog’s crate and do not push dogs paw into parrot’s cage. Instincts can kick in and this could be seen as a sign of aggression, where both the creatures feel out of their comfort zone.


Don’t run too fast

Don’t rush into making the introduction. Let things proceed at its own pace. As both are different species and they need time to accept each other’s presence at the same place. It might even the first time they have seen another species in the house. Once they get to know that they can be good companions, they can live very comfortably with each other.

Owning a single pet is a responsibility. Owning two and that also of different nature – well, that is quite a challenge. However, dogs are parrots co-exist in a lot of Indian homes. With a little love and care, they can be happy in your house as well.


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