In our last article we covered India’s dangerous dogs, today let us see the wide variety of most expensive dogs in India. Not every large breed is expensive but there are certain breeds that can cost you more than you ever expected.

Below is the list of the most expensive dogs in India. As you will see these tend to be foreign breeds that have recently become popular:

1. Dogo Argentino:

Dogo Argentino

This dog is large and powerful. The short white coat is distinctive. They are very muscular dogs from Argentina and weigh around 40-45 kgs.The starting cost for these dogs is around Rs.75000.

2. Bull Dog:

The classic Bulldog is a medium-sized dog and has very loose skin on either side of the face. Bulldog’s unique body and head structure make him prone to health issues, especially respiratory and joint difficulties. Exercise is a must for Bulldogs as they gain weight easily. These dogs are playful, calm, friendly, often stubborn and enjoy the company of their masters. Their estimated cost in India starts from Rs.10000 and goes up to 70-80k.

3. Cane Corso Italiano Dog:

Cane Corsos are a very ferocious dog breed though if trained well they can be kept in a family also – An experienced dog person can have this dog as a companion and guide. Yet, the dog mostly trusts only a few people and tries to protect them at all cost. Otherwise, it is a loving and calm dog.This dog can be available at a range of 1,50,000.

4. Afghan Hound:

Afghan Hound

Hound is known to be a very old and intelligent breed of dogs.This unique dog has a very unique and different appearance. It has a long and thick coat. They were earlier used for hunting in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan. It has a lifespan of 10-12 years.The price of this dog starts from 2,50,000. The long hair will make it not particularly suited for hot Indian weather. But it is a great family dog as we had covered here

5. Akita Inu:

It is the large breed of dog from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. Akita is a very beautiful dog with a soft and shiny coat. It is considered to be a very quiet and calm dog with protective nature. Akita’s are quite stubborn and only for an experienced person are they recommended. They are said to very good with children. Its price in India is about 1,50,000.

6. Alaskan Malamute:

This dog has a strong personality with good stamina and strength. It has wolf-like maskings because of which it is believed that they are part of the wolf family. However, they all are domestic dogs if you can provide it with necessary exercise. It is not recommended for the first time owners. Its price will be near to 2,00,000.

7. Tibetan Mastiff:

These dogs are very loving and gentle. Socialization is needed for this breed because they are loving and good at understanding humans. It is an independent guardian and quiet dogs. They are high demand dog and has been sold in crores in China. Average cost is 2,00,000.


8. Newfoundland Dog:

newfoundland dog

It is a large working dog and is known for their giant size, tremendous strength, and loyal nature. They are used for lifesaving activities due to their muscular built and thick coat. They have a water-resistant coat and have same characteristics as mountain dogs.The Indian price for Newfoundland dogs is around Rs.95,000.

9. English Mastiff:

The English Mastiff is also very powerful dog and known as a gentle giant. It is rather a silent dog than a barker. These are very watchful and confident dogs, they do not require owner’s instructions to attack the intruders, whenever it feels any danger, they guard by their own. Their price in India starts from Rs.40,000.

The price of a dog will almost always depend on its breeding heritage. Litters of champion show dogs will start from lakhs of rupees whereas local puppy mills will often sell at a fraction of the cost. We always recommend looking to your local shelter for adoption but even if you want to buy, please stay away from puppy mills and backyard breeders. These people keep the pups in horrible conditions and many poor animals die in those small cages.


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