Natural Homemade Remedies for dogs

Petcare can get costly if you have a dog that has some common issues like dry skin or allergies. While it is important to consult a vet in case of doubt, many of these symptoms can be offset with natural homemade remedies you might already have in your home. Here are some natural homemade remedies for dogs that you can try for relief before spending a fortune at the Veterinarian’s office.

Oatmeal Soothes Dry Skin and Hot Spots

Oatmeal is a natural homemade remedy that can help relieve dry, itchy skin some dogs may encounter. The oatmeal can be ground to a fine powder and added to a warm bath for soaking. It can be made into a paste by using a smaller amount of water for consistency. The paste can be applied to hot spots or areas of irritation. Oatmeal contains items that are natural anti-inflammatory agents. If they lick it off it won’t harm them.

Food Grade Coconut Oil Is Healthy For Skin and Digestion

Coconut oil can be used on dogs both internally and externally and is a common natural homemade remedy for dogs. Mixing a 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil into the dogs daily kibble will help create a healthy coat. The nutrients in the oil replenish the dog’s natural oils and will also lessen dry itchy skin. Coconut oil is an antifungal and helps prevent or eradicate bacteria in the digestive system. Using coconut oil on the outside of the dog can help kill fleas and repel some biting insects.

Epsom Salts For Minor Scrapes and Sore Muscles

Epsom salts can help relieve swollen and inflamed areas from injury or exertion. Older dogs who are getting stiff and sore from regular exercise can benefit from an Epsom salt soak. The anti-inflammatory properties will ease your dog’s discomfort and aid in healing the area rapidly.

Unflavored Electrolytes for Hydration and Health

If your dog has had diarrhea and vomiting, it is losing essential fluids. Dehydration can cause a minor ailment to become a bigger issue. If you notice your pet not feeling too well give it some electrolytes to boost health and promote hydration.

Yogurt is a Natural Probiotic

Giving your dog a small amount of yogurt daily can benefit its health naturally. The live enzymes in yogurt help get rid of digestive bacteria and coats the pet’s stomach with a healthy solution. If your dog has a sick stomach try some yogurt for a fast fix.

Raw Pumpkin is a Natural Antioxidant

A tablespoon of raw or canned pumpkin mixed into the dog’s food provides a natural antioxidant. Dogs who experience stomach or bowel issues can benefit from the regular use of pumpkin in their diets. It’s healthy and helps balance the digestive system while preventing microbial diseases internally.

Honey Builds Immunity

Local honey can be mixed into the dog’s food daily providing a natural remedy the boosts immunity to illness. Since honey is sweet it is also appetizing to dogs. A teaspoon a day (not more than that, too much sweet is not good for dogs!) will help build a healthy honey routine.

There has been a resurgence when it comes to organic and natural. This is definitely apparent in the human segment where organic beauty products are growing at a rapid pace, but also in pets segment where we want our friends to move away from chemicals and artificial stuff. In such a scenario, the above natural remedies can help!

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