Pooch Tales

In our series of interviews with dog lovers from India, Anantika and Adharika Kapoor of Pooch Tales share their story.

How did Pooch Tales start and who is the team behind it?

When a pair of perfectly-rounded eyeballs follows you in serendipity, in complete surrender, oblivious of the world – that is when we decided that a theme needs to be constructed around this protagonist. It was an idea that germinated in the mind and translated into creating a “web of feelings ” – as a mark of gratitude for the silent evocative force – our pooch.

In social interaction, one hardly ever makes a mention of their pets and conversations revolve around the mundane, everyday routines of others around us. We felt this needed a drastic change. As a pet parent, you’d realize how significant a pet is, as a part of the family, and any mention of togetherness must have your furry friend first!

We wanted to weave out stories of families with dogs as pets, gauge the different kinds of relationships that are present within families, to know the purpose of them bringing in pets at home, to inquire about the rising concept of adoption, over “buying” of pets. As a prelude, we began pooch tales as a mere Instagram page, publishing stories of different dogs- they were unique, heartwarming and special. However, the line isn’t drawn just here. We have certain goals in mind in order to make a difference in the life of every furry friend we see, especially on the streets, taking into consideration the life they’re doomed to live as part of the Indian scenario.

About their Team:

When we, identical twins, were born, the world described us as “peas of the same pod”. With our four-legged bundles of joy, there was another pea attached to the pod and this time the “P” became a pooch! We only gave vent to our emotions, much like an artist with his brush, lashes out the hues of colors and spins magic. Pooch tales rekindles the gratitude for the selfless bond etched by this being.

While (almost) everyone loves dogs, there are very few animal care centers in India. What are the challenges?

India definitely houses a greater population of the street dogs than pedigrees. Yet, priorities are accorded to the pure breeds. Stereotypes associated with the “indie pups” as they are frequently called are so deeply entrenched in the Indian mindset, that this makes it almost impossible to find them their forever families. Adding to that, animal care centers are anyway at a premium and the ones that do exist, are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Indian puppies. The challenges seem to be regarding the lack of government policies concerning the enforcement of animal rights and welfare schemes. In fact, it seems apparent that there is a sort of lack of understanding and maturity about the coexistence of man and his best friend.

Pooch Tales

Animal rights are still not taken seriously in India – do you think a change in policy is required or are there deeper problems?

While there is definitely a need for change in policy, the issues are much deeper. The majority lacks empathy. An inequitable distribution of resources lies at the root of this issue. Too little for too many, the rising population of the have-nots and the monopolization of the resources by a minority justifies the myriad challenges. In addition, policy formulation and implementation are faulty. The penalizations and resultant consequences of deviation from the law entails a meager amount. A hit and run case towards a dog barely solicits any societal retribution.

What message would you like to give to dog lovers in India?

All kinds make the world. Do not let anyone or anything hinder your single-minded love for this bond between man and dog that has been etched for centuries. Be the voice of the voiceless.

Any particular story that stands out during your association with dog

Each tale is worth narrating and therefore we came up with “PoochTales”.


  1. We live in Bhopal, animal care facilities-boarding,health,street dogs’ care every thing is so abysmal,it is shocking. Yesterday a German Shepherd, about 8-9 months old,was on the street outside our home.A request to my neighbour to board it for a few days, while we try to find its owner,ended in it thrown out of their home.Today morning we tried to bring it to our place,but it ran away..what is one to do in such a city,in such a situation???

    • Hi Ratna, the situation about pet care in India is extremely bad. What you can do as a pet lover is keep some numbers handy of dog shelters in your city. We will also be trying to create this list city wise. There are chances that these places will also be overburdened but they can at least guide you on what to do immediately. We have also found that Facebook is a great place to find foster dog parents till someone adopts permanently. Hopefully, you can find the little guy. 🙁


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