Pugs? Don’t you think its the cutest and the most cuddly dog breed ever! This is one of the most charming dog breeds in India today . People love petting pugs because of their small body and adorable personality. They can sense the mood of their owner and act accordingly, and are rarely ferocious .

Pugs like playing around but they wont mind sleeping for hours either. This breed is often defined as “much in little” because of their playful , joyous attitude and “shadows”because they like following their owners around and loves their company. Pugs are best suited for families and children.

More about pug’s charming personality and characteristics-

Pugs don’t only have a charming personality but also they look extremely cute with their wrinkled face, big round eyes , straight legs and a curly tail also their eyes are dark in color.

Pugs originate from china and fawn is the most common color in them.They are gentle, smart and very sensitive to people around, you can call them people pleasing dogs. They will try their best to cheer up people around and in return they need constant affection and love from their owners. Pugs are known to be friendly with other dogs and cats as well.

Pugs became famous in India when they were featured in the Vodafone adds . The name of the pug which featured in Vodafone add series is Cheeka, after the adds were broadcasted, they became a hit and the sale of pugs in India  doubled within a month.

What are the right conditions for a pug to survive?

Pugs come with a characteristic of heat-intolerance, they can not even bear as low as 80 degrees. Pugs are naturally breathing-challenged dogs and are not suitable for becoming your jogging or beach buddies.The best condition suited for this dog breed is indoor and air conditioned.

Pugs are easy to pet and have modest grooming needs.They don’t require to be extra healthy and neither they can tolerate it, but it is important to keep them lean and fit when they are young.

Pugs shouldn’t be left alone for too long , that would lead in developing excessive anxiety in them, which later also might make them a ferocious pet. They are very alert and can also be called the best watchdogs.

If you are planning to pet a pug then make sure to keep these points in mind-

Go to an animal shelter or rescue group if you are planning to go for an adult pug. Adult pugs from shelters and rescue groups have proven to be very cooperative with no negative traits.

And if in case you are looking for a puppy then the best suited way is to research and explore properly and then select the right breeder, this would also help in avoiding negative traits.

So don’t waste anymore time now and get the best companion for yourself. love them , cherish them and they will surely return the favor by being your shadow, bringing a smile on your face, playing the best games with you and also by being your watch dog .



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