Crate training in India

First-time dog owners are often confused how to train their puppies. One of the strategies is crate training but not many people use puppy crate training in India. However, if used correctly it is a very effective training method.

Let us look deeper into the pros and cons of this.

Crate training, even though it may look cruel, is not at all a harsh practice rather it’s a training practice by which your dog learns how to be disciplined.

Think of the pet crates as a comfort personal pet house for your dog.

It makes them feel safe and secure like they are having their own personal space. Thereby, it helps your pup to avoid the anxiety that it might feel in a new house and especially when neither its mother nor its littermates are around.

From breaking expensive items to staining your favorite carpet or chewing your shoes, puppies can get into a lot of trouble. You cannot keep an eye on your pet 24hrs but with a crate, you can ensure that they are in a protected surrounding.

Pet owners often view a crate like a cage and feel sorry for their pups. Again, think of it as a comfort zone and you can also put soft toys and pillows in their houses so that they can play and rest with them in the crate.

Make sure your pup always relates the crate as a positive experience.

This is the number 1 mistake that pet owners make. The pup feels the crate is a punishment if it is preceded by a scolding. Do not send it to the crate immediately after a negative incident. Instead, treat the crate as a resting place once the pup is fed and exercised.

Also, the crates should be well- ventilated and should have proper space to stand up, lie down and turn around. Always buy the one which is of your dog’s size or slightly bigger than it. The crate size would also vary as per the size of your pup. You can also cover the crate with some blanket to give them a den feel (don’t make it too hot inside if you do so).

Initially, bring your puppy for short nap in the crate and reward it occasionally on keeping calm. At the first night, your puppy might cry when you make it sleep inside the crate but slowly and gradually it will accept the place and enjoy spending some time there. Take it for a walk once it comes out to gain fresh energy.

What are the major benefits of having a crate for your dog?

1. Puppies feel safe and enjoy a personal space for resting.
2. You can also keep the pups away from trouble since a crate is a secured environment. They are also away from the harmful substances since puppies have a habit of licking/ chewing everything.

What are the disadvantages of having a crate for your dog?

1. If not used properly, the crate becomes a cage. It is associated with anxiousness and guilt. Do not let this happen.
2. Do not leave your dog inside the crate for the long durations as it may cause distress or anxiety in it. This can also cause aggressiveness.
3. If not maintained well, the crate can cause health issues to your pup. This happens in overheated or non-ventilated conditions.


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