Saint Bernard Dogs

The Saint Bernard dog breed is one of the largest breeds of dogs in India. Historically, they are known for their use in rescues from Switzerland’s famous mountain. They are famous for their gentle, polite and peaceful nature. They are often known as the “gentle giant dogs”.

Bernards are very tolerant, affectionate and family oriented dogs and love to participate in all the fun activities with the owners. They are very intelligent dogs and is also known as the national dog of Switzerland.

The dogs have droopy eyes with black eye mask and have an average lifespan of 8-10 years. This is unfortunately common with all large dog breeds – a shorter lifespan.  It weighs around 64-120 kgs.

Bernard in snow

A proper training of such big size dogs is mandated at an early age because given their bulk, late training would be a trouble to manage later.

Saint Bernard price in India.

With such innocent, saint-like expressions, St. Bernards are extremely fluffy and have thick fur to protect them from the harsh, cold climate. They are mountain dogs who find comfort in cold places and fall sick in the hot harsh Indian climates, which makes them quite unfit for such weather. This breed tends to develop health issues due to their gigantic size, skin diseases, and heat strokes in warm climatic conditions. 

This breed would cost around Rs. 20,000 to Rs, 40,000. St. Bernards due to their big size need a lot of space to stretch and play. Even-tempered, calm and friendly dogs who have the ability of lighten up the atmosphere just but their funny antics and bring lots of joy and happiness into the owner’s lives. 

Saint Bernard’s diet

This is one of the distinct feature of bernards that they do not require much food, unlike their big size. They have a nominal diet, in fact, it might be lower than as compared to other breeds of similar size dogs.

A good amount of exercise for around 60-80 minutes daily is important in order to avoid obesity and for keeping them fit and healthy.

Allergies in Bernards

Bernards are prone to allergies that might happen from dust mites, fleas, airborne pollens, and environment etc. Hence it is recommended to consult the vet on time whenever you notice symptoms of allergies. Take care of the common health issues that can arise in such dogs.

Can first-time owner pets Saint Bernard?

Saint Bernards are very big and muscular in size that’s why they require training and care on a professional level. Like most large dogs, however, they are not recommended for the first time owners. Even though they are very friendly and calm in temperament – their size can sometimes be too much to handle.

Can I own a Saint Bernard dog in India?

Like Huskies, saint bernards also have a thick coat which prevents them from excessive cool temperature but heats up badly at the time of summers. They are not meant for the Indian climate. They like living in cold places and enjoy the snow. They shed their fur almost whole year. They have a very low tolerance to manage heat and can even get a heatstroke in an excessively hot day.

Thus, if you are planning to own a saint bernard dog in India, you have to take care of the climatic conditions. Also, the breeding of such dogs are not easy so proper care and training is a necessary step to take. However, it is not good for bernard’s overall health to live in Indian climate. It may reduce your dog’s lifespan – unless you live in cold hilly areas.


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