When heat strikes in summers, it is the time to take care of your fur animal. Dogs do not have the sweat glands to calm themselves. Keeping your dog cool in summers is very important in order to avoid unpleasant and dangerous conditions. Water can be the fun activity for you and your dog to prevent heat. That’s why swimming in summers with your dogs is one of the most relaxing activity to opt.

Not all dogs are good swimmers and love water. However, there are some large breeds like the golden retriever, labradors etc are considered to be the good swimmers and love to swim along with their owners. But you can also train your small breed pup like the pug, with the basic swimming sessions firstly in a small tub. With the help of tossing a stick or ball, you can easily get your dog into the water. Make sure that your dog feels comfortable in water because it is the first and foremost step for its safety that cannot be overshadowed.

Dog swimming fun

Here are some of the tips that need to be taken care while you take your dog in water:

1. Teach your dog how to get in and out of the pool. You can also guide your dog the way of stairs or ramp to get into the pool.

2. Check the water temperature before you let your dog go into the water.

3. Make sure your dog will not suffer from sunburn.

4. Don’t force your dog to get into the deeper water if it feels scared of going into it.

5. After letting your dog into the water make sure that it is at the appropriate depth of water.

6. To prevent the ear or nose infections, rinse your dog with fresh water once it came out from the pool.

7. Life vests are also available to provide all time safety of your dog.

8. Put a small barrier or fence around the pool when it isn’t time to swim to keep your dog away from it.

In a recent interview, Mr. Kuldeep owner of Pet Lovers Hut, Gurgaon has shared some of the deep down aspects of dog’s swimming. According to him, swimming has enormous merits in terms of maintaining dog’s fitness, boosting up their energy level, and increasing their lifespan. He says dogs become aggressive by following a monotonous routine every day, also sometimes acts very lethargic and sad. Apart from natural remedies, they require factors like natural wind, sunshine, and water to build their stamina.

The swimming habit can protect them from health concerns and you can avoid going to vets every time. “Here in Pet Lovers Hut, we take care of your dogs and provide them a healthy and carefree atmosphere to exercise and swimming”, he added. Also, he recommends changing the pool water in his resort at least once in a week to avoid infections.

One of his experience is related to a sick dog that came to his resort a few years back, it was fat, non-active and her owner was very depressed by this. Swimming helps her dog to become active again and also lose weight within weeks. Now, her owner regularly takes it to the resort for swimming and other exercises to keep it fit and active.

Hence, it is the best place to keep your dog fit and happy, they also get a friendly interaction environment to play with other owner’s dogs.


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