Take Your Dog to the Office in India

The popularity of Bring Your Dog to Work Day on 24th June each year means a wider range of businesses across the world is waking up to the benefits of allowing dogs at work. Numerous studies have proven that having a pet around is good for morale and helps reduce stress levels, and these proud pet parents will vouch for the same.

But we should also understand that the animals are sensitive creatures and they don’t feel comfortable everywhere. So whenever you are thinking to take your dog to your office, you should have the complete manual for do’s and don’ts in the office to make your dog’s visit a comfortable one. As many people don’t prefer to keep pets or dogs in the offices.

Though many startup companies across India are taking matters into their hands and welcoming pets into their offices and teams. But still, there are few things that should be taken care of.

What should be kept in mind while taking your pets to the office?

1.Medium of transport: Prefer the transport option which is most suitable for your dogs and also checks the availability of the transportation that allows pets so that you can take them comfortably.

2. Introducing your dog in office: When you show up with your dog at the office on taking your dog to work day, make sure it is prepared to meet several new people and the colleagues are comfortable to welcome it and are not allergic to the dog’s fur.

3. Teach your dog: A dog that has never been socialized will have a problem meeting lot of strangers.  It should have lots of practice with strangers before the big day so that it knows what your expectations are.

When your dog is greeting new people, have it sit politely until released for greetings. Not everyone in your office will want to meet it, and those who do will be especially pleased with its manners. You do not want to cause chaos in your office.

4. Tricks and treats to make it comfortable: A cute trick never hurts. Teach your dog to shake hands with people that it meets by holding your fist up to its nose. When it lifts his paw, even a little, praise it and give it a treat. Practice this until it can give up its paw on command. Then have it practice with different people so it is an expert.

Dogs in office in India

5. A separate place to sit for your dog: Make sure that there is a separate place for your dog in your office to sit calmly and relax so that everyone should not get disturbed. Also, if it wants to roam around after some time, you can leave it to the office backyard(according to your office norms).

6. Interaction with other dogs in office: Keep dog-dog interactions short or break them up periodically by calling your dog back to your side to calm down. Even friendly dogs can escalate if their playing styles don’t match so allow your dog a break and reward it for listening.

Thus, always remember to always keep a loose-leash when allowing your dog to greet. If you are pulling tightly on the leash, your dog may think you’re nervous, which may cause it to growl or snap. Allow the dogs to greet in their own time. Don’t push them into a greeting or prevent normal interactions, such as rear sniffing. Even though your dog may be in your office, dogs will still be dogs!

By Laura Pakis, Certified Dog Trainer, and Professional Blogger


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