As we had earlier covered the list of north Indian dog breeds. Now, there are several breeds of dogs that are found in southern part of India. The dogs in the south are often known for their intelligence and alertness.

Here is the list of the dogs that are found in south India:

1. Chippiparai:

Chippiparai dogs in south India

This dog is bred by royal families and is generally known as the intelligent breed in Chippiparai which is located near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The dogs are mainly used for hunting boar, hare, and deer. It was also kept as the symbol of dignity.

2. Mudhol hound:

Mudhol hound dogs in south India


This breed is known by various names in different regions. The feathered variety of this breed is known as pashmi. They are also known as Caravan Hound and mainly known as karwani in the villages. These dogs are fond of hunting in and around the mudhol town of karnataka.

3. Rajapalayam:

Rajpalayam dogs in south India

Rajapalayam is a large milk-white color dog. This breed is used for the hunting of wild boar and is found in Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu. These dogs are famous for the fight against the British cavalry in a few battles. It is a guard dog breed used by the Indian army also as the guards on the border.

4. Kanni:Kanni dogs in south India


Kanni breed is famous for their faithful and loyal nature. It is found as one of the rarest south-Indian dogs who always defend its master and home. These breeds are closely related to the Chippiparai. They were known for hunting deer as they are light on their feet and do the hunting job independently. This breed is on the verge of extinction.

5. Kombai / Combai:

Kombai Dogs in south India

Another breed from the southern part is the kombai breed. As compared with the Rajapalayam, the kombai breed has wider jaws and are much stronger. In recent times, this breed can only be found in scarcity in few regions as they were highly endangered species. They are famous for hunting deer and bison.


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