The prettiest dog—Chow chow

We all must have seen a lot of beautiful dogs, but how many of you have seen a dog with black-blue tongue? But what if a dog is a lion  -looking with thick fur on his neck and with a black blue tongue, now this is pretty! right? Chow chow is just like this description but yes smaller in size, this breed is known as one of the prettiest and the best dog breeds in the whole world.

A fully grown chow chow is 32 kgs and have straight hind legs, which is very unique in dog breeds. Apart from the looks, chow chow is known for hunting and skills in protecting. Chow chow is not too friendly with strangers but they are overly protective of their owners and their property. This breed is distinctively aggressive, so it is better if they are exposed to socializing at an early age.

They have more distinctive features like curly tail and almond-shaped eyes. Chow chow is a very independent dog breed but is also stubborn at times. They need proper affection, attention and care, and if not treated properly they might become extremely aggressive and unfriendly .It is also said that a chow chow is as noble as a lion, as independent and graceful as a cat and as loyal as a dog.

Chow chow should be brushed at least two times a week in order to keep their coat in a good condition and should be taken out for activities everyday or they might become lazy.

Chow chow’s tolerance to heat exhaustion-

Chow chow is very less tolerant to heat, it irritates them and annoys them. they have a double coat which can be either rough or smooth, with a thick layer of fur around their neck, which makes it difficult for them to survive in hot conditions.


How is chow chow with children and other pets?

If a chow chow is raised with children then he will be like a friend to them and participate in all other activities with them, but they are intolerant to physical abuse, young children tend to be somewhat aggressive with dogs and this breed is one which will not tolerate any  kind of physical abuse and they are very good with grown children who know how to treat dogs in the right manner.

It is very necessary to let your chow chow socialize with other dogs and cats so that he is cool and friendly with them or he would be aggressive on seeing other pets.

If you are planning on petting a Chow chow then make sure you are shown a health clearance certificate by the breeder to prove that the dog is free from any kind of health problems or if there is any need of consultation from the vet.

Chow chow is indeed a treat to human eyes. Treat chow chow good and they would turn out to be the best companion anybody can ever have!


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