Why cut Boxer Tails

Dogs like boxers and Dobermans are born with beautiful tails and floppy ears like other dogs. But in some places, there is still a custom of cutting down the dog’s tail and ears right after their birth, which is popularly known as docking. So why are tails cut in boxer dogs? Let’s look at the long and short of it.

What is tail docking exactly?

Tail docking is a process of removing of some part of a dog’s tail with the help of surgical scissors by a veterinarian (often without anesthesia) just after a pup is few days old and its tail is soft. This means cutting through bones and nerves – it is a painful process with lots of peoples opposed to it. Hence, it is banned in many parts of the countries.

Why are tails cut in Boxers?


Mostly this is a hangover from old days when boxers were used for hunting wild animals like boars. Farmers believed that removing the tails would protect their dog from being caught while hunting – wild animals had less chance of getting hold of them and also less risk of their tails of being trapped in bushes. Now, most boxers remain indoors and this reason is no longer valid. So tail docking is done only to conform to the breed standard.

Is tail docking a good or a bad idea?

The purpose of tail docking is to give your dog a certain look (to fit in with breed standards) and also to protect it from several perceived risks.

A lot of vets and dog experts believe that the aim of docking is purely cosmetic and as such, it should not happen.

Same is the case with cutting ears of some breeds: owners believe that chopping ears lower the risk of infections to dogs.

It is a painful process and docked tails are prone to nerve tumor. This can cause pain to your dog when its tail is touched.

Also, dogs express their emotions like happiness, anger, sadness through wagging their tails. Hence docking interferes with the interaction of your dog with other dogs and humans as well. They might not be able to deliver their message to you.

Is there any benefit to tail docking?

boxer tail docking

The only probable benefit is to prevent injuries in large breeds. There are chances that active dogs get tail injuries by banging their tails on furniture in houses. Strong breeds waggle their tails with force and can get hurt easily. Whether that risk big enough to do this surgical procedure is up for debate.

Overall, this is a painful process with more negatives than positives. Backyard breeders cut the tails only to fit in with breed standards. Experts over at PetMD have suggested an end to this practice. And we at IndiaPups.com also agree – stop cutting of tails and ears of boxers. They are beautiful as they are!


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